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Austin coder builds timeless cob home using precise patterns


Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind


Baby deerses never want to go for rides in my car. No fair. 

Baby deerses never want to go for rides in my car. No fair. 

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip + Graham Cracker Cookie S’mores

Went with the family to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. Someone brought fricken onions to the theater.


For the second time ever, I just could not outlast my dreadlocks.

After a second attempt, and after 1 year and a few months, my drealocks had to go. They were rad, but I just couldn’t deal with all the stimulus. Then, summer came and made things even more uncomfortable. Finally, after the headaches started, it was time for them to go.

I think that after another year  my hair would have become more “neat” and less wild. I would have liked to see them fully mature, but it is what it is.  I haven’t given up fully, though. 

I think next time I’ll look into synthetics for a more light-weight, convenient, and temporary experience. 


And that’s the story of how Nichelle Nichols stuck with Star Trek after the first season.

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My favorite Dreamworks animation <3 (not counting the aardman collaborations)

Facebook blows - a tip for making Lists

I use Facebook as a blog/page reader and thats it! I have no desire to Like every damn thing, or get in touch with every person I ever met, or to have a cluttered feed that doesn’t even show what I really want to look at. I want total control of what I see and when I see it. So I like LISTS - especially for Facebook and Twitter where feeds can get really overwhelmingly chaotic. 

Recently Facebook changed the way Lists works. It used to be that you could simply add a page to a List without having to “Like” it. I have my gardening Lists, my crafting Lists, etc. It’s great. I can keep a clean homepage and still follow a bunch of interesting pages. I can look at EXACTLY what I want to look at. (We all know Facebook’s algorithms for what you get to see in your news feed is shit.)

Lists, as of now, require you to Like a page before you even have the option to put it into a list. (Thank goodness Twitter hasn’t done this, or else i couldn’t stalk - er, follow - certain people without having to clutter up my feed.) Anyway, quick tip: you can “like” the page, add it to your list, UNLIKE the page, and it will remain in your list.

Facebook doesn’t really care if you like a page over the long run, they just want some quick-click from you to make it easier for them to compile all your data into nice, neat little packages of information so they can shove ads at you better. Isn’t that just lovely? =/

Ghibli Trivia: The cleansing of the river spirit is based on a real-life incident in Miyazaki’s life where he participated in the cleaning of a river, removing, among other things, a bicycle. 


HP OST playlist


So beautiful. Eastern, ancient traditions. <3

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